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Membership in the Young Photographers Club is allowed for professional and amateur photographers, students and those interested in this field.

Membership/renewal procedures:

Completing the official application form for membership and providing a photo sample to verify the quality of the photographer’s work, attitude and professional orientation

Reviewing the application by the arbitration team and announcing the result to the applicant

Complete the final form and pay the membership fee

Completing the membership process and issuing and printing the card and sending it to the member

The rules and regulations of the membership and activity of smile photographers

Smile was launched by Young Photographers Club to support and create jobs for photographers as an intermediary between photographers and customers.

If you have a professional camera, you can join Smile, read the rules and regulations of the activity and take pictures for free with people’s permission in public places such as tourist destinations and earn from Smile.

Photographers applying for work in Smile should have a professional camera and a suitable lens for social and street documentary photography. and follow all conditions and rules of activity completely and accurately.

Activity rules:

Being at least 18 years old

Membership in the club of young photographers

Having a professional photography camera and appropriate lenses and updated equipment (preferably 50 or 85 or a telephoto lens with an open aperture)

Commitment to complete the activity application form correctly and completely

It is necessary to provide equipment (camera and photography equipment, computer or laptop and suitable phone) and suitable software and internet required to carry out photography activities and send photos by the photographer, and Smile is not responsible for these things.

The photographer has no right to receive money from people under any circumstances. In case of dismissal from Smile and all financial amounts in the user account will be deducted and deposited into Smile’s account.

The photographer is required to observe professional ethics and protect people’s privacy and is allowed to take photos only with permission from people.

Photography is required to comply with the laws of the country, and under no circumstances should you take photos in prohibited places or disturb the public order of the society.

Photography of people who do not follow the laws of society and the country is not allowed and photography is required to follow the regulations.

Photographers should not take photos around police stations and offices, prisons, embassies, headquarters of military and security forces, and wherever photography is prohibited.

If the photographer can take photos in shopping centers and complexes, restaurants, beaches, libraries, inside shops, amusement parks, yards and gardens of private and commercial complexes, markets and markets, religious places, music concerts, wedding halls and Attend parties and other artistic events, conferences, exhibitions, museums, zoos, stadiums and sports clubs, schools, universities, kindergartens, public and private sector offices and take photographs without prior permission. written or oral from the managers, curators, owners, organizers, and their owners (private or public) and take photographs with the permission of the people present in these places.

Photography of these people is not allowed: children under 18 years of age, except with the permission of their parents and receiving contact numbers from their parents. and companies, emergency and fire officials and other people of organizations that are performing urgent and emergency missions. Photographing people in protests, political meetings, protest calls, street riots, etc. is completely prohibited.

The photographer is committed to using Smile services in line with the laws of the country.

The photographer expressly declares that he is aware of the relevant laws in his field of activity, including tax laws (income tax, etc.), trade union laws, insurance laws, etc., and is required to comply with them. In case of non-implementation of the relevant rules and regulations by the user, Smile will not bear any responsibility.

The photographer is required to maintain his user account information and the photographer is responsible for all user activities under his name.

Considering that the Young Photographers Club has facilitated the communication between the photographer and the customer by providing software services and the photographer is the only “user” of these services, therefore, he cannot claim any rights under titles such as employment relationship, contracting and participation, including insurance and employment and…

The photographer undertakes to photograph people who have the ability and desire to buy photos.

The photographer accepts that in case of non-observance of any of the rules of Smile, he can block the user account and prevent the use of Smile services.

Photography rules and conditions:

Photography requires professional photography and compliance with all aesthetic rules to record an attractive work of art.

It is necessary to photograph each person in different poses and record at least 4 and at most 15 attractive shots.

Avoid sending defective and broken photos.

The photographer is fully trained to work with the site and the photographer is required to act according to the same training and regulations.

It is mandatory to register the customer’s number on the smile site at the time of photography. Be careful when entering the number and country code and make sure that the person’s number is correct.

Photos will be sent to the customer only through a smile, and photography is not allowed to send photos to the customer.

It is necessary to tell people during photography that photography is free, but to receive photos without watermarks, you need to pay. Photographers should not make promises such as free delivery of photos to customers, or drag them in front of the camera under the pretext of a competition, challenge, photography project, or other excuses. Photographers should inform clients of the commerciality of the project from the very beginning and inform their clients and subjects that they will receive the photo.

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