Membership of the Young Photographers Club

Membership of the Young Photographers Club

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The rules and conditions of membership in the Young Photographers Club are as follows:

Membership in the Young Photographers Club is allowed for professional photographers, amateurs, students, artists and those interested in this field

Membership procedures / Extension

  1. Completing the application form for the official membership of the Young Photographers Club and sending a photo sample to confirm the quality of the work, the attitude and professional orientation of photography.
  2. Reviewing the application by the arbitration team and announcing the result to applicant
  3. compelete the final form and pay the membership fee .
  4. compeleting the membership process and issuing and printing the card and sending it to the member

Membership fee /Extension

  • The membership fee of the Young Photographers Club is $40 for the first year
  • the price of Extension is 20 USD
  • it is possible to present a letter of intoduction only to members who have valid date card and have participated in at least seventy percent of the associaions programs .

Benefits of being a member of the Young Photographers Club:

  • Get the membership card of the Young Photographers Club
  • Having personal profile to present a porfolio and resume .
  • Participation in workshops, meetings and photoghraphy tours
  • Participating in the Yearbook . exhibitions and photoghraphy competitions of the young photoghraphers club .
  • Using the services of the online gallery of young photoghraphers with 60% discount .

Association obligations :

  • The association undertakes to provide maximum support to its members by complying with the rules.
  • The association undertakes to create the field of development of members in photoghraphy by holding courses and workshops and side programs .
  • The association undertakes to create and provide suitable facilities for members to gain experience .
  • اThe association undertakes to create a suitable environment for the exchange of opinions between professional and amateur photoghraohers .
  • The association undertakes to use all legal capacities to achieve its goals .

Obigations of members :

  • With the aim of improving the level of photography and the well-being of the members, the Young Photographers Club considers various programs that the members are committed to participate in.
  • Collective activity in the association is of great importance therefore maximum attendance in these events is manadatory .
  • its very importent for the members to compelete they profiles .

Members of the Young Photographers Club can receive photography references from public places and city level through the application form. Continuous members by requesting a letter of introduction undertake to provide a copy of the photos with a size (length) of 1200 pixels to be published on the site in the form of a visual report to the Young Photographers Club. It is emphasized that any letter of introduction for programs or centers and News places are issued with the recognition of the responsible manager and senior secretary.

Notice: Be sure to read the entire text above and then complete the membership application form .

Notice : The amount of the membership fee is 40 USD

The Young Photoghraphers Club is trying to create a suitable platform for the free and legal activites of photoghraphers , and we hope to be successful in this field with your support .



Membership of the Young Photographers Club


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