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In 1380, when I was an 18-year-old young man, I had many concerns as a photographer.

The lack of a specialized photography school and the lack of communication between professional and beginner photography and most importantly the lack of a reference to support photographers made me think of establishing a collection to meet the needs of photographers and support photographers.

After committed meetings and discussions with photographers and friends, the Young Photographers Club was established in November 1380.

In the first two years, we did planning and research. And in 1382, the first version of the Young Photographers Club website was unveiled. And we published news and photo calls.

In 2014, a new version of the site was published along with user profiles with user photo galleries.

In 2016, the first version of the photography photoblog was published so that photographers could publish their photos on the web through a blog.

In 2017, training classes were added to the list of services, and introductory photography courses and photo framing and composition were taught by professional photographers.

In 1388, the first issue of the photographer magazine was published and the publication of this magazine continued until 1392.

In 2008, the Young Photographers Club became a virtual community of photographers with the development of user profiles and was able to enjoy good luck in this field.

It was in 2013 that we won the first place in the German Photo Festival by promoting our activities, and by developing a virtual community and photoblog and setting up a gallery, we were able to provide better services to photographers.

With the launch of social networks under the mobile service of virtual community and photoblog, they were closed and removed from the list of services of the Young Photographers Club in 2014.

In these years, by training hundreds of photographers and supporting thousands of photographers, we tried to fulfill our duty towards the photography community.

After 22 years of useful experience in serving photographers, we decided to launch the Smile System for the employment of photographers, to be a new service for photographers in the world to support and create jobs for photographers, and act as an intermediary between photographers and customers.

Smile is the result of 22 years of activity and support for photographers so that we can solve the concern of photographers’ livelihood.

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